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Introduction Age of Empires III

Good RTS games are abundant but finding an outstanding RTS game is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The Age of Empires series has always defined the way an RTS should be made. Rolling back almost 8 years ago, the first installment of a very successful series hit the market, though largely over shadowed by the success of Blizzard’s StarCraft series. However, AOE was by no means an unpopular game. Very fast paced and addicting AOE I brought RTS games to the fore front of PC video gaming and enjoyed wide coverage across many countries. So addicting was AOE that it nearly knocked me out of my first semester of college, as part of AOE’s greatest deathmatch clan DWW.

Many sequels followed but I found myself quickly loosing interest in most of them. I couldn’t quite pinpoint why the sequels failed to draw me back into the world of swords and arrows. A large portion of it may be the recycled game play and staleness of the development combined with lacking graphics as many other games started to advance in. So what does Ensemble do to bring me back in? Well, I’m sure it’s not just me, anyway, they create Age of Empires III as one of the most if not the best visually stunning RTS games ever to hit the market.

For those AOE fans, you can recall the staleness of 2D sprites and “hoyo hoyo” sound effects. All that has changed as Ensemble Studios has quickly directed their attention to visual and audio detail. Don’t jump the gun too quickly, there’s still the same complexity of strategy and outstanding game play that AOE is famous for.

A New Era with AoE III

Age of Empires III takes on a new time era approach. While subsequent installments focused on hand to hand combat warfare and the start of siege weaponry, AOE III turns its focus to the colonial era. While much there was much debate on what time period AOE III was to encapsulate, wrapping it into the colonial time period made sense chronologically. It bridged the gap between Age of Kings.

As with other AOE games, Age of Empires III gives you a wide selection of civilizations to choose from. You can choose between eight historical civilizations: Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and the Netherlands. These civilizations will be modeled after their historical counterparts and technology and units will reflect as accurately as possible the time period in which they existed.

Alright lets get right down to it. The greatest feature in the AOE III is the edition of the “home city” concept. What is a home city? Home city is a concept borrowed from the RPG genre. Your home city is like your capital. Because AOE III takes place in the colonies, your home city will play a huge roll in game play by providing you with supplies, shipments, and troops. The RPG factor comes in the fact that you can build onto your home city across multiple games. In other words your home city grows as you play more. You can add to your city, customize the look, and research new technologies and units through the gaining of experience points. Home city is a concept that Ensemble Studios hopes will revolutionize RTS game play.

Age of empires

Age of Empires 3 is a strategy game realized by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.
Age of Empires
Age of Empires 3
Age of Empires III